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  • Town Guard

    Ac-12 Hp-14 Initiative+2 *Rouse the guard* DC16 call two more guards into combat *Equipment variants* •Straight sword 1d6 +1 •long Axe 1d8 +1 against shields •Spear 1d6 5/10 h4. *Variants* *City Guard:* AC:15 Hp 16 Initiative+3 +2 hit …

  • Soldier

    Ac-14 Hp-20 Initiative +2 Stamina +2 hit/dam +2 *Equipment variants* •Straight sword 1d6 + shield 5/6 •Spear 1d6 10 range •Crossbow 1d8 sword 1d6

  • Veteran Soldier

    AC-16 Hp-25 Initiative +3 Sta +3 Hit/Dam +2 *Equipment variants* •Sword 1d6 + shield 5/6 •Mace 1d6 +2vsArmor •Scimitar 1d8 -2for shields, Crossbow 1d6 • Spear 1d6 + poise, Javalins

  • Acolyte

    AC-12 Hp-12 *Spirit path* can disappear into warren for 1 round, reappearing anywhere on the field h4. Spellbook *fighting mage* •1d6 5 range •1d6 tile stop when enter *Support* •1d4 heal touch •+2 Ac. _chants a mantra, target is …

  • Gilded Throne merc

    h4. Ranks •[[Achievedant]] the lowest rank in the gilded throne, they are those who have lost honor or have yet to gain honor. •[[ära hållare]] the most common rank, those whos feats in combat have earned them renown among the Throne •[[herre vä …

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